How to upload your logo & web image

Updated by Johanah Agaloos

  1. Log into Avestor
  2. Click "Manage fund docs & images" in the Get Stuff Done dashboard.
  3. Click "Add Document +"
  4. Type in the name you'd like to label the file.
  5. Click "Select document type"
    1. 💡TIP


      Avestor file type

      Target Image Size

      Image Location

      Fund banner


      1920 (w) x175 (h) pixels

      Fund banner that is displayed on all investor portal pages

      Fund logo


      2600 (w) x 700 (h) pixels (600x300 minimum)

      Fund logo that will be displayed on investor log in page (add white space to existing logs to get to correct size)

      Login page image for web


      Must be 1500 (w) x 1500 (h) pixels with: General safe area (580x900) pixels Guaranteed safe area (480x280) pixels

      Visual supporting image for investor portal log in page Design image to be 1500x1500 but as investors use different screen sizes, place key text and imagery inside the general and guaranteed safe area.

      Login page image for mobile


      800 (w) x 533 (h) pixels

      Visual supporting image for investor portal mobile log-in page

  6. Select your document type.
  7. Click "Select File" and upload your image.
  8. Click "Save".

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