Marketing 506b funds

Updated 8 months ago by Sanjay Vora

"How do I market my 506b fund?"

We get this question a lot from fund managers of 506b funds. From an SEC standpoint, you cannot market 506b offerings of any kind, whether they are syndications or funds. So then the question is how to attract investors to your offering.

At a high level, you must have a pre-existing relationship with an investor prior to discussing a 506b offering with that investor.

Simple set of steps to follow:

  1. Create social media posts around educational content in your investment areas. Show that you have expertise in that area.
  2. Use those posts to drive traffic to your company website / landing page
  3. On your website, you provide an overview of your company, investment areas, focus and tell investors to schedule time with you to get to know you. Give them the ability to setup a call with you through an online calendar to learn more about your company and your investment opportunities.
  4. Once they setup a call, get to know that investor and make sure their investment criteria fits the type of offering you are providing. Make sure you document the meeting in notes.
  5. After you have established a relationship with the investor, you can now discuss the 506b offering with them.
  6. If the investor wants to learn more about your offering, from the manager portal, send them a registration link allowing them to set up an account in your fund to review your investment opportunities inside your fund.

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