Avestor Dictionary - learning our language

Updated by Sanjay Vora

The following terms will help you understand how our platform works. We will be referring to these terms in articles and on the platform.

  1. Registered user - a person that has set up an account in your private fund portal.
  2. Investor - a person that as joined your private fund. They have completed all registration steps and have invested capital in your fund.
  3. Deal - an opportunity that you are looking to raise capital.
  4. Investment - a deal that the fund has already invested its capital in.
  5. Slices - smaller units of an investment that can be allocated to investor portfolios.
  6. Unit Price - the value associated with a single Slice - generally $10.
  7. Soft Commit - amount of capital that an investor is looking to invest in a deal.
  8. Sponsor - the person or team that is managing the private fund.
  9. Supplier - the primary company or sponsor that is leading an investment opportunity.
  10. Assets under Management (AUM) - the amount of equity that is under management inside the fund either at the fund level or at the investor level. This is not the traditional definition of AUM which includes debt in the calculation.

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