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How to Create and Register Your Investing Account

  1. Your fund manager will send you the customer URL or they will send you an invite via your email.

  2. Click “Sign up now”.

  3. Enter your preferred email address.

  4. Click “Send verification code.”

  5. Check your email for the passcode. Input the passcode and click “Verify code.”

  6. Fill out all the required fields. ✅ Agree to Terms of service. Click “Create account”

  7. The page will redirect you to the login page. Click “Sign in”

  8. Enter your email address and password. Click “Sign in”.
    a. 💡Tip! You can now look at all the current deals available but be sure to continue completing your profile 😉. Click on Opportunities to look at the deals available.

  9. Click “Investor Profile.”
    a.💡Tip! All the 🔴 Red Dots are sections that need your attention.
    You MUST fill out each section in the following order:
    1: Investor Profile
    2: Investing Accounts
    3: Investing Accounts.

  10. Input all the required fields.

  11. Click “Start Verification.”

  12. It will walk you through verifying your identity.
    * Upload one of the following:
    * Driver License
    * State ID
    * Passport / Passport Card
    * Permanent Resident Card
    * Visa
    * Work Permit

  13. Choose how you would like to be contacted.

  14. Click “Save.”

  15. Click “Investing Accounts.”

  16. Click “Create New.”

  17. Click “Select Account Type”. Select the account type that fits your needs.
    a. 💡Tip! You can create multiple account types, but to register we recommend you only create 1 and add additional account types later.
    For example: You can invest as an individual and also invest as an LLC.

  18. Fill out all the required fields.

  19. Once completed, click “Save.”

  20. Click “Fund Enrollment”

  21. Click “Select Account Type”. Select the account type you’ve created.
    🛑 If you created multiple account types, please select the one that you intend on using first.

  22. Click “Sign Document”

  23. It will guide you through signing the legal document (also known as the PPM).

  24. Click “DONE”

  25. If you are investing with a 506c fund, you will be prompted to provide an accreditation letter. If this prompt is not on your screen skip to step 40.
    We need to verify you are an accredited investor. You can upload your own accreditation letter or use our third-party provider, To use Accredd, click “Get New Letter”.

  26. Fill out all the required information. If you are approved, will upload your letter onto our portal.

  27. 🤚🏼 Wait for your fund manager to approve your account. You will receive an email when your account has been approved.

  28. Once approved, log back in. You’ll notice your screen looks different than before.

  29. Click “Transfer Money”.

  30. Here you will be able to see how to send money to your fund manager. Click the dropdown that see the Wire instructions, ACH instructions, or Check options.

  31. Connect your ACH account to receive funds. Click “Bank Accounts”

  32. . Fill out the required fields. ✅ Terms of Service. Click “Agree and Continue”

  33. . If necessary, it will ask you to upload additional documents to verify your account.

  34. Click “Add Bank Info Status: Not started”

  35. Click the checkbox to agree to terms.

  36. Click “AGREE AND ADD BANK”

  37. Input the passcode that has been sent to your email. Click “SUBMIT PASSCODE”. This will initiate Plaid, which will walk you through connecting your ACH Bank Account.

  38. That’s it! You’re all set and now you can start investing. 😊




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