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Fund Setup Checklist


Congratulations on starting a fund with Avestor! 🎉 We are excited to partner with you on creating your own customizable fund. One of the first questions we get is “What are the next steps”. Starting a private fund is a complex process but we have made it simple by working closely with you at every step.

Below is a simple checklist on what we will be doing along the way.

  1. Fund Setup Monthly Membership Fees
    1. Avestor will first set you up on our billing system. You will see a charge on your credit card for the agreed amount. We will use the credit card you provided in the agreement for the initial fees. That will be the
      credit card on file for all future invoices unless you change it.
    2. If you want to change the credit card on file, please email
  2. Forms - Fill out the following forms that Badri emailed you:
    1. Legal Questionnaire - It doesn’t have to be perfect. After you complete the questionnaire, setup a time with Sanjay Vora to review the document and your fund. (Watch the short videos on #3 for some guidance)
    2. Bad Actor Questionnaire - Every fund manager must fill it out. It is an SEC requirement.
    3. Attorney Authorization Form - Only one person needs to fill this out. It allows us to have a 3-way engagement with your attorney to help set up your fund.
    4. Bank Authorization Form - This allows Avestor to assist you with creating your bank accounts with our affiliated partners
  3. Video - Watch the following short videos. It’ll help you fill out your legal questionnaire
  4. Background Checks - Avestor will also perform a comprehensive background check on each fund manager. This is an SEC requirement for all funds.
    managers and executives. We will use the names in the legal questionnaire as the key executives.
  5. Setup Account - Once you have provided payment and completed your legal questionnaire, you will receive an email from support asking you to create an account on the portal. Click SIGNUP. This email will only go out to the fund manager listed in your legal questionnaire.

Your account is not ready for you to start inviting investors, this is solely for you to gain access.

  1. Meet & Greet Onboarding Team - Book time to meet Jojo & Tony, they’ll help you with any onboarding questions
  2. Attorney Engagement - After reviewing the legal questionnaire, we will set up a 3-way call with one of our partner attorneys. We’ll work with the
    attorney to gather all your legal and fund documents. While the attorneys take care of a majority of the process, we are that you get your IRS EIN letter directly from the IRS website. We have instructions on how to do that, as we found it much faster for the fund managers to get their EINs themselves. Once all the documents are done with your legal team, the Avestor team will upload it onto your account in Avestor. This will enable your investors to view and sign it, during the registration process. Next step it getting your bank accounts and portal training.
  3. Bio, Professional Graphics & Pitch Deck - To set up your investor portal we will need graphics. Graphics and pitch decks are the first impressions of your fund and brand.* It should not be taken lightly. * Click the link below, it will provide a list of graphics needed to customize your account on the portal. If you are a 506c fund we will need a small bio about you and your fund. Refer to page 3 on the pdf below. Create a ticket on the portal and send your graphics and bio to the team in the ticket. (How to Create a Ticket )
  1. Marketplace- (506c Only) We request information on you and your fund that we can display on the public marketplace on the Avestor website

  2. **Slack Access **- We will provide access to our Slack group designed for fund managers with customizable funds. In this group, you will find lots.
    of additional information about customizable funds as well as be able to ask questions and have conversations with other fund managers.

  3. **Bank Accounts **- Once your legal and fund docs are completed, we will work with you to set up bank accounts for your fund and management entity with one of our banking partners. We will work with adding your ACH and Wire information onto the portal when it has been completed.

  4. Portal Training - Once your legal docs are done, it’s time to book portal training with Jojo and Tony. BOOK TIME

  5. FUND READY TO LAUNCH - When your bank account is completed and you’ve attended portal training, you are at the finish line. Jojo and Tony will review your account to make sure EVERYTHING is set up properly. If everything looks good, they will send you a “Fund Ready to Launch Email”. This means that you can **OFFICIALLY **invite investors to register for your fund. You will receive a custom investor URL to provide your investors.

  6. First Deal setup - With the knowledge from portal training, you will be able to upload your deal to your account. This includes:

    a. Setting up the deal on our system.

    b. Uploading all the images and documents for investors.

    c. Setting up the summaries of the deal for your investors.

  7. Deal Disclosure - Every deal has its separate deal disclosure. Watch the video on how to set up your deal disclosure, work on your drafted version, and book time with Sanjay to go over your deal disclosure. If Sanjay approves your deal disclosure, the team will upload the deal disclosure to the portal.

  8. Investor Allocation - With the knowledge from portal training, you’ll learn how to allocate slices to your investors. Forgot how to do that? No worries, book time to go back into portal training.

While this process may seem a little complex, don’t worry! We are there at every step to make it easy for you. Create a ticket in bolddesk if you have any questions.




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