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Hubspot CRM Support

Avestor provides fund managers with Hubspot integration allowing investor registration information to be directly imported into their Hubspot account.
Below are the steps to link HubSpot to Avestor's platform. Investors will get added to a HubSpot List as soon as an investor creates an account on Avestor's platform. We also send updated contact information (name, phone and address) to HubSpot once the user completes Step 1 of registration.

1. Log into your HubSpot account
2. Create a new Contacts property as follows:

  1. In the Contacts menu, select Contacts.
  2. Select Actions button on right side of page and then select Edit Properties
  3. Select Create Property. Create a new property as follows:
    1. Object Type - Contact
    2. Group - Contact Information
    3. Label - you can put in any label you prefer.
    4. Name - RegisteredInAvestorPlatform
    5. Select the Field Type as "Radio select"
    6. Add 2 new labels as "Yes" and "No" and set the internal value as "Y" and "N" respectively. The internal value must be "Y" and "N" to work properly.
    7. Save the property

3. Next, create a Contacts list that uses the new property
  1. Go to Contacts Menu & select Lists
  2. Select Create list button on right side of page
  3. Give the list a name that you will remember that these are contacts imported from Avestor
  4. Create a filter where **RegisteredInAvestorPlatform** is equal to all of **Yes**
  5. Save the list

4. Send Private App access token in Avestor
  1. Go to HubSpot Settings (small Gear symbol on top right of Hubspot menu)
  2. Select Integrations on the left menu
  3. Select Private Apps
  4. Click on "Create a private app."

  •  For Name, create a name that includes your fund & Avestor in the name.
  •  Click on the Scopes tab.
  •  Select CRM & you will see a list of objects with read & write boxes.
  •  Select the following items with read and write access.
* crm.lists
* crm.objects.contacts
* crm.objects.custom
* crm.schemas.contacts
* crm.schemas.custom

  • Select "Create app" button at the top right of the page.
  • You will now see the private app on the list.
  • Select View access token & copy the access token.
  • Email a copy of the access token directly to

5. Confirm Access token key in Avestor
  1. You will receive a confirmation from Avestor that the key has been added to your account.
  2. Log into Avestor fund management portal
  3. Go to Reports -- Fund Setup Report
  4. In fund profile section, you will see the HubSpot access token. Once that access token is there, HubSpot and Avestor are linked, and all new investors will be automatically imported into HubSpot.
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