Registering a user into the investor portal

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There are 2 different ways a user can register into your private fund.

  1. Invite the user to register into your fund portal.
  2. User registers directly from your investor portal login page.

Invite the user to register into your fund portal

Fund managers are able to invite users to register into your portal. This gives investors the ability to view investment opportunities. In order to send an invite, go to the Investors menu item and select "Send invite to register".

On the send invite page, you will be able to add users to send invitations to. Type in their first name, last name and email address. You can add as many users as you would like to this table. When ready select the Approve User button which will send an invitation email & custom registration link to that user to register in your private fund.

User registers directly from your investor portal login page

Users can directly register themselves into your fund as well if they know the URL associated with your login page.

Investor portal URLs are as follows:{your fund slug}

URL for directly going to the signup page for the fund is as follows:{your fund slug}?signup=1

On your login page, the user will see a link to Sign up. See image below.

Note: for 506b funds, Avestor does not turn on the Sign Up link by default. Fund managers should request the Sign Up link to be activated. .

Once the user selects Sign up, the user will then be able to type in their first name, last name, email address and set a password. The system will then send a 6 digit code to the user's email that the user will need to input. Once the code is validated, the user's account has been created. The user can then log in with their registered email and password.

NOTE: Users can only login to the fund they are registered into. If the user goes to another fund's login page, they will not be able to login to your fund.

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